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It’s weird. Weird how I haven’t posted in almost a while year. Oh wait, Uni.

God who would’ve thought I’d have my life sucked away like this?! But good news, I’m trying my best. I’m not slacking around. I’m totally determined to get my shit together. So far I’ve been doing pretty good? Could be better though. 

Quick update, I went for my summer immersion programme to newcastle university recently. 

So I left Singapore on the 23rd of June and returned on the 6th of August. Seems like a long time eh. But boy it flew by so fast I’m still in disbelief.

Paris > London > Newcastle > Munich > Amsterdam > Singapore

I’m gonna try to recall what happened during these 45ish days using pictorial evidence aka I’m gonna check my camera and squeeze my brain to get the info out. Would be interesting to recall all the memorable moments as I feel like I still have not come to terms with the fact that I’m back in Singapore. Reading these posts in the future would be funny?, if I do post any that is.




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