Dream cameo again F O pls

So yesterday I had a dream about you again. After so long. Like I’m already over you. I really am. But I guess yesterday night I was thinking again (cue period). So the dream went like this,

I was home with my sis and my friend GP came over! Brought her to my room and we were just chilling when suddenly a familiar face appears outside, so I brought him into my room. Then the funniest thing happened, he actually looked remorseful. He asked me how I was doing then proceed to apologise for.. That’s when I cut him off cuz GP was around and I brought them both outside and we packed food and stuff. 

Next thing I know it’s just me and I’m walking towards where he lives, tryna find my way. When I was near his building I saw him walking and he approached me. I said, “anyway what were you gonna say? My friend was there so I thought best not to say anything” to which he ” yes that’s right” and I think he went on to apologise and stuff but weirdly I can’t remember this part of the dream. 

Next thing I know we’re at SP spectrum where his friends were and he was taking me along and intro ing me to people?! And one of his friends was like “wow what’s the special occasion guys? Looks like he’s taking you around intro ing you to many people!” To which I could only smile, as in real life he never did that. 

Next part of the dream I was back home eating my lunch and somehow waiting for him to appear cause I think I knew he was around next the neighbourhood. So I ate my lunch really really slowly. And ya he did show up and smiled and me and proceed to throw the stuff into the trash. All of a sudden my parents show up outside and I didn’t panick tho my sis and I just asked him to sit with us and GP was back again and we just sat on the couch. My dad was like staring at him but not in a scary way and then smiled. The end
I really wish I could remember him apologising. Sigh. I went for a dream interpretation course and I learned that some your dreams are the reality you wish you had. Like they are your subconscious trying to correct something in your life by acting it out. So yea. You finally apologised and introduced me to people. I guess that’s what I get from the dream cause you never did that and I wanted you to, so badly. I hope this is the last dream about you cuz nigguh I am d o n e. Fucking done with this. 
Nim out


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