Whats up Internat

Ok first of all apologies for not posting anything whatsoever.

I just thought about this for the second time. But this time I could make this into reality given that I’m with the right people of course. 

So next year I’m going for my 1 month exchange so technically I’d be an international student next year. I’m aware that we’d be in groups of 5/6 per suite I guess. I thought it would be great if we had people make their own simple cheap dishes and film the process. Eg film us buying our ingredients, cooking and also friends tasting it. 4 weeks and each person could have 1 ep. It would be great! Not looking for it to blow up or anything but we’d just like to show our Jr’s in SIT what they can do during their break. 

I guess I’ve always been making the same types of food. I’d love to read different cook books to get inspired to make simple healthy dishes so that the internats stay healthy while overseas! 

Let’s see if this happens or not.


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