So today I had a dream, a happy one at that. You were in it. It felt so realistic I genuinely woke up with a smile plastered to my face and had me desperately trying to fall back asleep just to experience it again.

Sometimes I forget the whole purpose of this blog, invisible dreamer. So after what feels like forever I’m going to add an entry.

So it started out at my house. We were having a gathering of some sort. Food was ready and I had just stepped out of the shower in my hideous XXL navy blue tshirt and a pair of shorts that were merely peeking through. Hair soaking wet and stuck down the sides of my face just dripping. Gross la. Anyway, I realised that there were guest sitting in the living room. My friend had showed up and she brought along a guest. I couldn’t see who it was as there was a wall blocking his full face. Managed get a sideways look by peaking and low and behold it was him. HIM. In my house again. I panicked. I can’t look like this. So I started to dry my hair with the towel. Couldn’t exactly have a change of clothes. After a while I just decided to walk through the hall to my room and I made no contact with anyone at all. I just looked forward and walked. I reached my room and start trying to look more presentable when he walked in. We had an awkward exchange of glances. We said hi and then I proceed to sit on the yoga mat which was spread on the floor(what even) and he sat on the bed. He just got back from a long trip overseas. I started talking about his journeys and wanted to know all about it and I was just basically gushing over all the pictures he had. One picture striked up and it was of his sitting on top of a cliff. That was a really great shot. He mentioned he took that in Italy( weird that that is true). We talked and laughed and it all felt too familiar. I longed for this again for the longest time. After some time he had to leave  and I wanted to give him a hug good bye but everyone was there and I didn’t want to get murdered by my dad so I controlled myself. Sending him off to the lift and I said, hey let’s have a proper catch up over lunch or something to which he replied, yes that would be nice.

And that’s it.
Btw I feel fucking crazy when I was writing this post. Am I crazy? I think I am. Damn.


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