4th Jan

So yesterday, I deleted off instagram and twitter from my phone. Surprisingly I’m not showing any withdrawal symptoms. Maybe I unlock my phone and go towards my social apps group a lil faster than I’d like to, but then I quickly realise what I did and just slowly lock my phone and place it face down away from me. I honestly don’t feel the URGE. Still cool.
In fact it feels kinda good to be detached from society for a bit. Ohkay. I’m totally exaggerating. It’s been like a day. It’s okay if I don’t see Dani Belle aka goddess in the morning. It’s okay that I don’t see what my followers have been up to. In fact yesterday I lost my nose ring and I wanted to tweet that but then I thought why do I want 200 people know about that? Is it necessary? No. It was all too easy actually.
I feel myself drifting away from so many people it’s crazy.

But I like it.

It’s quiet out here.

But I like it.


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