Today I chanced upon our old messages.
(I used to do this creepy thing where I’d email myself a copy of the chat transcripts.  Yes there’s a function on whatsapp that does this upon request)
The convos literally brought tears to my eyes. We had a connection. We synced. We laughed. We had a lot of inside jokes. I thought we had everything. The chemistry was there. It was all so obvious. Looking at it was bittersweet. You were not the same person since things changed. I miss that person. I miss 2012/13 and half of 2014 us. We zinged.

How did we go from that to this?


Gooood Morningggg World

Time check : 7:05

Managed to get my ass off bed earlier than usual today :):)

Successfully completed 10 days without twitter/instagram in my phone
Although I must say I may have cheated ><
I was reading an article on fitspos in sg and I wanted to check out a girl and I ended up on her instagram. But I guess that's ok cuz I used my computer and only for 10 mins max. So iz kool.


You know how international students pretty much suffer when they’re overseas and resort to eating ramen noodles?! Well I feel like I have a simple solution for that,

What are ya eating internat?

See what I did there???? It will be aired online.for international students. Thus a play on the word Internet. Cuz it’s online.

Anyway I was thinking,  recipes that students would find easy to cook and also delicious and healthy. I could collaborate with a student trying to get a degree in movie making or whatever course teaches them how to make movies. We’d post it online

LOL I was writing this post in the toilet when a colleague walked in and said nimisha I know you’re in there and then began to discuss our experiment -.-couldn’t get a break even in the shit house . Ain’t complainin tho this work quite chill huehuehue.

Okay so yea that’s my big plan. Kind of a dream actually.


So it’s been like 4 days since I deleted insta and twitter. Still meh. Guess that’s great.
Oh and I have a test today and I’m not done studying.
Better finish revisions la if not aku mati

Okay so the paper was okay I guess. But I know for a fact that I’ve never written this fast for a test paper. Like my fingers were blessed by Usain bolt. Whoa. I could have actually finished the entire paper. So close. I still had 2 points to write down when our lecturer told us to stop writing. Oh well. I’m content.

Okay. So today I have to finish the tutorial 3, finish painting dashs pic, try to read up on the practical tmr

Ugh just as I’m writing this post I get a snap from a mofo. -.-

Full plate

On my plate:
2 tutorials
Study for chp 1-4
Check out jack abroad forms
Fill out a couple of those forms
Safvc application to fill up
Sit 200 word essay shit
Get ready all documents
All this by this week sianz

Left me in the woods

Sing it like TayTay

Looking at it now,
It all seems so simple
We were lying on your couch
I remember
You took a Polaroid of us
Then discovered
The rest of the world is black nd white
But we were in screaming colour
And I remember thinking

Are we out of the woods yet

Are we in the clear yet

Looking at it now
Last December
We were built to fall apart
And fall back together
Your neck is hanging from my neck
Then night we couldn’t quite forget
When we decided
to move the furniture so we could dance
Baby like we stood a chance
2 aeroplanes flying flying flying

Are we out of the woods?
Are we in the clear?

We’re not. But you are.

4th Jan

So yesterday, I deleted off instagram and twitter from my phone. Surprisingly I’m not showing any withdrawal symptoms. Maybe I unlock my phone and go towards my social apps group a lil faster than I’d like to, but then I quickly realise what I did and just slowly lock my phone and place it face down away from me. I honestly don’t feel the URGE. Still cool.
In fact it feels kinda good to be detached from society for a bit. Ohkay. I’m totally exaggerating. It’s been like a day. It’s okay if I don’t see Dani Belle aka goddess in the morning. It’s okay that I don’t see what my followers have been up to. In fact yesterday I lost my nose ring and I wanted to tweet that but then I thought why do I want 200 people know about that? Is it necessary? No. It was all too easy actually.
I feel myself drifting away from so many people it’s crazy.

But I like it.

It’s quiet out here.

But I like it.