First of all I’d like to make a short post to wish everyone a Happy New Year and to list out a few goals/dreams I’d like to achieve this year.

1. Get accepted to university. Preferably SIT- Food and Human Nutrition

2. Get a headstart on financial planning. Learn about investing and probably start my hand in investing

3. Travel overseas at least twice. India for Onam. BKK for songkran? Boston to visit cousin sis? At least twice

4. Make new friends

5. Try a new sport

6. To workout at least 2wice a week (running/gym/swim)

7. To stop overthinking

8. To stop being nice to people who dont deserve it

9. To strengthen bonds with family

10. Last but not least, to try to be optimistic and be Happy.

So this was the list I made last year,

  1. DONE- got accepted to TUM-Chem engin instead tho. AND I WAS NOT HAVIN IT. SO I decided to try again the next year which is 16′ and the application opens in fucking 11 DAYS!!
  2. DONE. Well, i did make a first step by putting some savings into a bank cc in India cause it has pretty high interest. Its a first step.
  3. DONE AND DONE!? Managed to visit the US, pitstop at Paris and Amsterdam too AND I WENT TO INDIA. DAMN travel wise, this year was a fucking dream come true.
  4. DONE- made a close friend and also good friends at work and at my new classes etc
  5. HMMM not sure if i did try a new sport tho….. but I was active. ALso if swiss ball exercise is considered a new sport then yes.
  6. DONE well, for the most part of the year.I went whenever i could
  7. 😦 couldnt help it
  9. DONE. I do think I’m closer with my family. closer and closer and time goes by
  10. 😦 I tried to tho

SO basically, 80% accomplished with loopholes? lol

I shall plan and create a new list for 2016 with Akila tomorrow.


There’s so much shit happening in this world everyday and sometimes I feel like an idiot for focusing on insignificant bullshit.

Say a little prayer for everyone and be thankful that you’re alive and well.
Remember when we were young and innocent and world peace was like possible in our pure tiny hearts?