Dear family

Sorry for how i acted yesterday. Dont think im ingrateful because im not. I like my presents. But dont scold me on my birthday. I just mentioned one thing then everyone want to scold me and act like im ungrateful. How do you all think i feel? Nobody wants to cut cake when they are unhappy right. Never cut also want to scold and show face. I would never do anything to make all of you upset on your birthday.

All i ever want from all of you is to show that you all care and to encourage me.Thats all. These things money cant buy. Im not saying that you all dont care or whatsoever. I’m  just saying that i dont feel it.

Stop talking about the past and how i didnt study last time and all. You think i dont know? You think i need to be reminded of that is it? I already feel like a loser and you all are making me feel worse.