I cant help it. I still think about you everyday I’m here. It’s  getting harder for me to hide my emotions and I just want to stop. I just want to stop.



Im truly sorry for not posting a single shit here ūüė• i truly am.
I shall summarize my past few months.
-ended work at NUS
-went to the states to visit cousin :’)

-enrolled in specialist diploma in nutrition science
-trip to India for Onam WOOHOOOOO

– got a new job at NUS gonna start work on 15th

Shall post a lengthy update soon. Honestly I felt like updating this blog so many times but I didnt want this blog to become sodapressin so I just kept it all in. But now I don’t feel like restricting myself anymore. Fak this is my blog. If im a sad mush then so be it. It’ll  indeed be a lesson for future me.