The human mind

The human mind is indeed fascinating. Its unpredictable. It’s refreshing. It seeks new adventures every other day. It makes you feel invincible. Full of power. A power that you may not be able to control fully. Do we actually control our minds and our thoughts? Or are we just mere puppets dancing to the rythym of the almighty. The human mind seeks answers. So many questions have been plaguing my head lately.
Why do we act the way we act?
Why do we feel the way we feel?
Why do we think the way we think?
We were not taught to act/feel/think and yet we do it ever so naturally. The way we act and react is based on our intuition.  It depends on each individuals thought process.

My apologies.
I’m simply writing a bunch of gibberish that’s been invading my tiny brain for far too long.
I’m just mindfucked at the moment. Which explains why this post has no flow to it.


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