Apples and Oranges

Apples and oranges an analogy by Nim.

Sometimes, boys just don’t get it. Even if you say it to their face they still wont get it sometimes. But hey girls, it’s our fault partially. Let me give you an example.

Girl: Hey B could you get me a fruit? I’m hungry
Boy: Sure.

Boy leaves to get the fruit.

Girl(in head): I remember mentioning a few times that I love apples. Yea. He knows it. He’ll get me an apple.


Boy: Oh hey look there’s an orange. I’ll have an orange please. Thanks.

Boy gives girl the orange.

Girl: ?! Ohhhhhkayyyyyy

So you see. Apples and oranges.
Technically the boy is not at fault what so ever as he did what he was told. He got her a fruit. No specifications. A fruit. So the girl can’t exactly get mad. Although she kinda wished he could understand what she meant. I mean if somebody wants a fruit they’d obviously want their favourite fruit? Amiright? And was it wrong of her to assume that he knew what her favourite fruit was?


Moral of the story is, girls, let’s be specific. Like brutally specific when we speak. Sometimes guys just don’t get it. They see it as it is, they hear it as it is. Not like most of us girls who read between every single line and catch every minute change of expression and drawing our own conclusions.

So let us not get angry at our men for not understanding the intricate mind of a women.

Let us not make assumptions any further.

Let us say it and say it like it is.


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