Food log 7?


YASSSS HUNNY. Today we have rice, long beans and chicken meatballs.
Ofcourse on the side I’d have carrot raita


Sorry it looks weird haha wrapped it in cling wrap 😂

Breakfast was just pb+naner breadz



Im so so sorry i went missing. Making blog posts was supposed to be my safe haven.  But lately. Lately, I’ve been losing my mind. I was/still am confused. I couldnt even bring myself to read a book. Can’t seem to focus. I started to asking so many questions which have no textbook answers whatsoever. It sucked/sucks. But I’ve learnt to push that aside and do what I usually do.
Anyway for breakfast today,


Keepin it simple with a sandwich and some fruit juice (pineapple-apple). Trying to cut down on my caffeine intake cause I have a feeling I’m addicted. Decided to get juice instead of coffee today 😄 it’s definitly a start.