Big fat lol at my previous post about this being cardio week. Totally went off track. Im lucky if i managed to squeeze in 2 workouts in a week. Damn. So distracted. Also my parents want me to be home early so yup. No no sch gym. Sigh. The only contant i have is my sunday pioneer gym seshs :/ goal was to achieve dream bod by my birthday. 2 more days to my birthday but nadah. Nothing. Still at the same place I was. But what I like is, I don’t give up. I keep trying my best to eat healthy and exercise.  Can’t do it all the time but I try. I have had a gazillion set backs. But that doesnt and will not stop me. Even if it’s going to take 1 or 2 or 10 years, I’m still gonna do it. Slow progress does not mean no progress. Gotta chin up and feel positive.

Anyway lately I’ve been confused about my feelings. Gonna make a private post about that soon. I just cant seem to find some alone time to consolidate my thoughts and pen it down. Once I reach home it’s like I need to put on this fake mask so there wont be any questions.  At home I’m like the happy joker who always laughs. Either that or I’m an angry bitch destroying everyone in my path. I hate to cry in front of my family. If eyes do leak it’s prolly at night where no one can see me.
So fucking confused. I have no one to talk to right now which fucking sucks.
Birthday in 2 days and I dont want all this shit in my head.
Sigh. Suck balls.


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