Whut. Sep

Not gonna lie a lot of crazy stuff happened last week. Good/bad i dont really know but i shall not think too much about that.
It’s finally sep. My fav month. Duh. Ehem bday ehem. But I’m turnin 20 this year like nigguh dayum not gonna be a teen no more 😥
Moving on, I remeber making a pact saying that before my bday this year I’d get the bod of ma dreamz. Well well. I did lose some fats but not as much as I want to. So this month, I’m changing it up abit.
Thinking of making this a cardio month.
Run 3/2 times a week and 1/2 gym seshs.
Overall I’d like to be active 4 days a week.
Sunday is gym day fosho
Prepped my food for the week.
Let the clean eating / exercising /get fit month begin.
Time’s ticking and I have exactly 22 days.



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