Bad day

1. Woke up pretty late. Therefore no time to prepare lunch
2. 7:27 bus zoomed past and so did the 7:35 and 7:45 AND the motherfuckin 7:50. So I had to take a cab
3. At the lab I lost a very impt bunch of keys
4. Although eventually I found it. Still bad
5. Had to clear up after the fuckin canada intern. She’ s so irresponsible ugh
6. Went for lunch and couldnt get back to the lab cause a)there are only two ways, sheltered and non sheltered b) renovation works at the sheltered way c) it was mutha effin raining
7. Currently I’m sitting down waiting for the rain to die down


Only a fool trips on what is behind them

Heyo! (DISCLAIMER: Aiyo so drama for what. I’m sorry I cant help it)

So I’ve been thinking lately, maybe cause most of my friends are currently in uni and have like little or no  time for me, what would my life have turned out if I had actually did well in my first academic year of Singapore polytechnic.

I’ve thought about this countless number of times. Each time with more regret than the other. But this time, for a change, I thought I’d list out the positive side of things.

Wait why am I thinking all this again? Cause I’m currently working. Only reason why I’m working is because I don’t really have the best GPA. I thought maybe working for a year would kinda make me stand out a lil more. You know, non-academically.  Furthermore I’m working for a prof so I hope to squeeze out a good letter of recommendation from him hehe.

Now all this means that if I actually studied in Year 1, I would’nt be working here. I would probably be in NTU (cause come-on NUS is pretty hard to get into) having my orientation camps and all that stuff. Damn. Oh how I would love some same-age interaction right now. Like I really want some interaction man. To be surrounded by people who have the same interests.

Moving on, I shall go to the point of this post.



I would prolly,

  1. Study more and more
  2. Be kinda lifeless in a sense
  3. Quit Hockey to focus and further improve on my grades
  4. Lesser friends( lesser than the already shocking amount)
  5. FAT
  6. Treat studying like a top priority, eg wouldn’t join dance, activities etc
  7. Have no idea what I would want to do in the future
  8. Just take the ‘easy’ route and choose biological sciences at NTU
  9. Have a big question mark about my future
  10. Get a degree in Biological Sciences and get stuck in the research field DX
  11. Get married off and use that as an excuse to never set foot into a lab ever again
  12. Be depressed as hell for wasting all that time studying and losing my precious hair for something I won’t be pursuing


I have

  1. Pursued hockey as it was like a stress reliever for me. It really helped me at the time I knew I had hit rock bottom. Pursued it in school, pursued it outside of school. It has and will always be a great motivation for me. Motivation for what I don’t know. But it helped. Greatly.


  1. Indeed learned many valuable lessons. One such lesson, once you hit rock bottom, the only way is up. Learned to be more disciplined about my studies. Learned to prioritize, be independent and also be serious about my future.


  1. Started my fitness journey. When I saw my sem results that day, I felt so much pain like I’ve been such a fool (yes I can be abit too emotional for my own good). Everyone around me was serious and studying while I was just nonchalant likes how I’ve always been. Thinking that I’ll somehow make it in the end like how I’ve always has. But no. I learned it does not work that way. That day I made my way to the swimming pool and swam like I have never before. Ever since that day, for the whole 5 weeks of the holiday break, I would swim 6days a week. Also had a very clean diet. All bake no pan fry. Less or no oil/salt. No sugars whatsoever. No chocolates, sweet treats etc. NONE whatsoever. I was so driven to accomplish something during those holidays. I needed something to keep me going and it turned out to be my fitness journey. It kept me sane. Although there were times throughout the year and the next (2012, 2013) which I fell off the bandwagon, I never stopped.


  1. Figured out what I want to be in the future. A dietician for athletes/diabetic patients. I have finally figured it out.


  1. Gained work experience. Real work experience as I’m working in a field of my qualification. Realized that research in not my cup of tea. Even if that tea has chocolate syrup. Still aint my cup of tea. Very firm about this.


  1. Joined various activities.I definitely mentioned them in my previous post. The list won’t stop there. Feels good to join stuff Ive always wanted to. Eg belly dance, I’ve wanted to learn it so bad since 2007 J


  1. A gap year. One year to ‘find’ myself and really think about my future. Although I have already thought it through, 2015-2017 SIT. Work for 2 years. 2019-2022/3? Masters in Australia with all the money I’ve made from working. Either that or I’d apply for a scholarship. After that I’d be 28/29 Guess it will be time to settle down. I realize there is no male species in my future planning. So I guess I’ll have it the indian way, arrange HAHAHAHA or maybe I’ll pick out an Australian dood. Who knows? I just can’t wait to start practicing being a dietician.


I think these points are more than enough eh. 😉

Moral of the story is, it’s time I live in the present. I shouldn’t dwell on what could’ve or should’ve. What has happened happened. Now it’s time to learn and grow. To move forward.

-Just Live-


“Only a fool trips on what is behind them. – You shouldn’t cling onto the past, move forward and let things go”

That shall be my title.