2 nims

1st nim iz sad.
2nd nim iz excited.

1st nims depressed that the students are leaving this week.
2nd nim wants a tat and belly button ring pronto.

2nims. 2 very different personalities.

Feels like after this thursday, a fresh start. Just like when I first started work in april. New start new life. I know how I felt. Lonely. Sad. Thirst for activities. Thirst for new experiences. Thirst for new relationships. Well I was just a thursty ass nigguh. But hey look at me now. In just 4 months I’ve joined kickboxing, I’ve joined belly dancing (wanted to join that since forever), I’ve joined the zoo as a conservation ambassador, I’ve joined muay thai (recently and have yet to start. First lesson this sunday whoopwhoop) and I’ve been heading to the school gym at least once a week abd to pioneer gym once a week. Not to mention I also do meal prep for the week. Usually follow through with them. So basically my life has been a step by step basis. One that I enjoy. One that I’m truly happy with.
You know what. Next week will be like this again. I’ll keep my mind occupied. That’s how I’ve been surviving all this while. Chey I know only 4 months but still. 4 months is a lot for a solo noobie like me.


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