Wellwell. Up and ready to get on with my life.
Woke up feeling like it’s gonna be a productive day.
1. Shall go for a short run once my phone batt gets charged
2. Need to clear my room










3. I need to start showing more interest in my job. Not fond of it currently. But after next week work’s gonna be depressin so I figured why not start lovin it as it is.

Alright Imma go get something to eat/drink before my short run.

Update* RUN COMPLETED WHOOPWHOOP although I wasnt as fast as I’d like to have been

Hmm ok uh I guess. Not too bad but could’ve been better. Ok lesson learnt. Do not run on a nearly empty stomach. I had to slow down at places ugh. I thought I’d actually vomit after my run lulz. Thank god I didn’t.

Update* headed to the gym but who knew that the gym closes at 5 today 😥 managed to do legs only today. Damn. Was so lookin forward to doing assisted pull ups and using the coremachine 😦 like those are what I need to do most 😦 I need to focus on my damn tummy. I have no idea why I keep doing legs. Not saying my legs are like perfect or what but compared to the rest of my body I’m actually fine with 3/4 of my legs. Sigh. Now no mood ready. Shall do some grocery shopping and meal prep for the week.

Update 29/7 – only managed to do 1. Well. Guess today I’ll start on 2.


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