I need a fucking hobby. I need one asap. I think I’m gonna go crazy again.
1.The thai intern’s leaving on thursday
2. I cant get friday out of my head
3. Back in that same rabbit hole that only I can save myself from
4. I need to be alone at home
5. I miss my mom

(Ok wow so as I was typing that and climbing up the escalator, I bumped into prass! Omg  long time no see. Talked and had a mini catch up sesh. She was gonna go watch VIP w ghanz and ranj. Was waiting for ghanz when she saw me tappin into mrt. Hahaha so I ended up talking to her for over an hour while waiting for ghana. Well in the end I got so lazy to go to the gym. She ended up going off first cause ghanz took too long haha. So well now I’m on my way home. Actually home is the last place I’d like to be right now. I really just wanna sit somewhere alone. Prolly will finish this blogpost at night when I’m like camping in the toilet or after sis is asleep)


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