Hey lately I’ve been kinda lazy. Haven’t been preparing lunch. Only prepared lunch like 2 times this week sigh la. Never prepare lunch = no breakfast. I mean breakfast made by me. Of course I wont let myself starve. Usually I’d head to the science canteen to get me some food. So here’s what lazy nim usually gets


Yes. A wholemeal sandwich. Pretty healthy actually. Well not fully. They add a teeny bit of mayo. Half a slice of bread has lettuce a slice of tomato half slice cheese and 2 cucumber slices. Whilst the other one is the same except that one has some ham on it. The white cake like thing, I dont usually get. But today I felt lile getting it so I did. Damn I love taking control of ma life HAHA. ok then I just have a cup of coffee to keep me awake. Hehe

Btw usually when the proff is not around in the morning, I have this


Hehehehehhehe fried dumplin noodles. My fav 🙂


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