Becuz I’m happy. There’s no specific reason for this. I am just truly happy today. It’s a good feeling. Knowing that you’re happy and that’s it. Happy. Dot.
Anyway my super talented sister made really cute pendants.  Thinking about starting an insta shop. But first we’d have to do a lot of brainstorming. Gonna buy an inspiration board the moment I get my pay.
As for today, Omie bought jelly beanz yay.


Mmmz. Love the lime green coloured and the orange and red colpured beans. Yup. Cant wait to go home and start brainstormin. Of course after we head out for a run. As tomorrow, it’ll be 5 whole weeks of not running. 😥 cant let that happen now can we. So I decided to finally finally drag my ass out for a run:> hopefully I do run uh


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