Goin far away

I dont know why. But as of right now I’d really like to pack my bags and fly off to another country to study. To start afresh. To have a whole new life. This is what I’m feeling. At this very moment. Sadly I was not born with a silver spoon. Prolly a handcarved wooden one I guess lol. But that is exactly what’s driving me. I’d like to have a stable life. Money is just fucked up. Sometimes I’m sad that I wont be able to afford stuff I want. But all these motivate me to think ahead. Money doesn’t bring happiness.  True enough. But I’d rather cry in my ferrari. Not saying money is everything but it’s good to know you’re well off. I mean you have one life. Why not make it a great one. But I do have to agree that money hard earned tastes sweeter than money that you’re born with/just handed to you. So here’s to a bright future that I’m dreaming of. Somewhere far away.



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