Sunday funday

Sup. Sunday was simple.
Woke up, had breakfast then had to go off to sk for the last ever hockey match. We’d be fighting for 5/6th position. I was actually late for the first time.  I reached at around 429? For a 430 match. Guess what, as I reached there were only 7 people. So we needed 2 more or it’d be a walkover. Thank god we managed to stall the umpire for a few more minutes. We played with 10 players at first.
First half, no goals scored by either teams. Things were getting intense. During half time we we thought about the possibility of a penalty shoot out. Then we played the second half. We managed to hold their team off till the last 7 minutes where they scored a goal. Have no idea how it happened but yea it did. Well. I dived one too many times. Got a tiny open wound lol.  So yeah. After the match we freshened up and since it was the first day of ramadan some of my friends were gonna breakfast. Had dindin at pastamania. Yup sbout it man.



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