2 nims

1st nim iz sad.
2nd nim iz excited.

1st nims depressed that the students are leaving this week.
2nd nim wants a tat and belly button ring pronto.

2nims. 2 very different personalities.

Feels like after this thursday, a fresh start. Just like when I first started work in april. New start new life. I know how I felt. Lonely. Sad. Thirst for activities. Thirst for new experiences. Thirst for new relationships. Well I was just a thursty ass nigguh. But hey look at me now. In just 4 months I’ve joined kickboxing, I’ve joined belly dancing (wanted to join that since forever), I’ve joined the zoo as a conservation ambassador, I’ve joined muay thai (recently and have yet to start. First lesson this sunday whoopwhoop) and I’ve been heading to the school gym at least once a week abd to pioneer gym once a week. Not to mention I also do meal prep for the week. Usually follow through with them. So basically my life has been a step by step basis. One that I enjoy. One that I’m truly happy with.
You know what. Next week will be like this again. I’ll keep my mind occupied. That’s how I’ve been surviving all this while. Chey I know only 4 months but still. 4 months is a lot for a solo noobie like me.



Wellwell. Up and ready to get on with my life.
Woke up feeling like it’s gonna be a productive day.
1. Shall go for a short run once my phone batt gets charged
2. Need to clear my room










3. I need to start showing more interest in my job. Not fond of it currently. But after next week work’s gonna be depressin so I figured why not start lovin it as it is.

Alright Imma go get something to eat/drink before my short run.

Update* RUN COMPLETED WHOOPWHOOP although I wasnt as fast as I’d like to have been

Hmm ok uh I guess. Not too bad but could’ve been better. Ok lesson learnt. Do not run on a nearly empty stomach. I had to slow down at places ugh. I thought I’d actually vomit after my run lulz. Thank god I didn’t.

Update* headed to the gym but who knew that the gym closes at 5 today 😥 managed to do legs only today. Damn. Was so lookin forward to doing assisted pull ups and using the coremachine 😦 like those are what I need to do most 😦 I need to focus on my damn tummy. I have no idea why I keep doing legs. Not saying my legs are like perfect or what but compared to the rest of my body I’m actually fine with 3/4 of my legs. Sigh. Now no mood ready. Shall do some grocery shopping and meal prep for the week.

Update 29/7 – only managed to do 1. Well. Guess today I’ll start on 2.


I need a fucking hobby. I need one asap. I think I’m gonna go crazy again.
1.The thai intern’s leaving on thursday
2. I cant get friday out of my head
3. Back in that same rabbit hole that only I can save myself from
4. I need to be alone at home
5. I miss my mom

(Ok wow so as I was typing that and climbing up the escalator, I bumped into prass! Omg  long time no see. Talked and had a mini catch up sesh. She was gonna go watch VIP w ghanz and ranj. Was waiting for ghanz when she saw me tappin into mrt. Hahaha so I ended up talking to her for over an hour while waiting for ghana. Well in the end I got so lazy to go to the gym. She ended up going off first cause ghanz took too long haha. So well now I’m on my way home. Actually home is the last place I’d like to be right now. I really just wanna sit somewhere alone. Prolly will finish this blogpost at night when I’m like camping in the toilet or after sis is asleep)

Oh dayum


oooOooooOooo DAYUM. THIS IS TOO HAWT I MUST SHARE THIS. Just perf. #futuremewithmyfutureboothang

Keep on dreamin,
-Nim 😉

Food log 6?

HAHA wellwellwell what’s packed today for the royal highness?


Mmm. The usual shroom brocolli mix. Some fresh spinach leaves topped with pineapple chicken. Fruits-> pineapple lol. Pineapple season in my house. For snacking, almond and dried cranberries omg so good ok


Look at it. Just look at that beauty. Craving for sweet stuff? Here have some of dis shit.

Also yesterday,I had some late night snack greek style lol. Just vanilla greek yogurt with pineapples and dried cranberries. TOO GOOD. Excuse the poor photography
Till next time,

18 Struggles Of Having An Outgoing Personality But Actually Being Shy And Introverted | Thought Catalog

Omg. All this while I thought I was an introvert. But this article just shed some light for me. I mean. Almost every, if not all, points in that article is so me. Im crazy around my people. But when it comes to making new friends etc I dont really know how. Guess that’s it. Nim is a shy bopeep. HAHAHAH




Look at dem germans havin their nutella. They dont need to be sexy. They know they’re skilled. I really love how they play man. Such accurate passes. Accurate and fast. Like they are a really good as a team. So much chemisntry like they know where another person’s gonna be running/positioned. Like wah.
Also might I add one thing I learned from this world cup is that I kinda find those middle eastern lookin players hawt. First it was Benzema. Al habibi. Then now it’s Samy Khedira 😉 like dayumm. Also I loved Neuer. He was so goood. 
Really gonna miss waking up in the middle of the night with my fam and watching the world cup 😥