Rise and shine earthlings

Goodmorning it’s been quite the morning for me. As usual I woke up at 625 and rushed to prepare my food for the day. Same thing I swear. Dont believe? Here take a look then. I even have a bananer for scale. banana x banana that’s the size of my lunch box.


Tadaaa. Same. Wrap. Brocolli shroomz mix and a side of sweetpotfries. Ofcourse fruit of the week, strawberry. Also yogurt of the week Petit Mama. On the right you have 2 pb sandwiches one with bananer slices in em whilst the other is plain. I have the one w the naner slices for breakfast, around 830, that’s the time I reach my workplace. The solo banana is for me to have between breakfast and lunch. You know something to eat while I’m dying. So banana around ~1130. Then the box for lunch excluding the yogurt cause I have the yogurt few hours after lunch when I’m dying again. So around 5? The last pb sandwich is for me to have after gym. It’s Wednesday which means, gym day ✌.

Anyway as I was preparing this feast, it was dark and gloomy outside. With occasional lightning and thunder. Felt like a scene from a horror movie where the  victim’s in the kitchen preparing food and the attacker slowly makes an appearance. Not gonna lie I was scared as fuck cause I was alone at home and all the doors to each room were open and it was really dark outside. So I was stirrin up my veggie mix when suddenly, cue huge-ass thick lightning bolt, struck the city and not even a second later thunder followed. Ofcourse I shrieked.  Not too loudly but a quick sharp one. As I shrieked the power got cut off. Wow. All of this happened simultaneously by the way. The only thing I could see was the flame from the stove. Immediately offed the flame and ran for cover lol so dramatic I know. It was dark before but now it was pitch black. Literally ran past my parents room and went to the corner of the living room which was closes to the window. You have no idea how scared I was. I tend to imagine things when I’m in the dark, alone. Suddenly, the phone started ringing. And you guessed it, i shrieked yet again and I was just like, dafuq is that happenin? I thought there was no power. Horror movie horror movie HORROR MOVIE.  So I let it ring for a bit then answered it. Chey. It was sajip. Lol dad called to check in on me cause he saw from the car park that the lights suddenly turned off. So once the phone call ended I waited like 5 minutes with the long umbrella and then once I felt it was safe enough, I turned it on. Hehe. First thing I did was to go around to the house to close all the doors. Then I ran to the kitchen to prepare ma foood.
Fast forward to now, it’s 8:56 and I’m having my breakfast and making this post.
Shall update on how the day goes if I can. Yay for wordpress on android. Now I can write stuff on the go.

Time check 12:03. Here’s what I had to resort to in the lab
They just dump a shitload into the trash bin till it fills to the brim and I’m just like whoaaa? First of all, it’s fucking heavy and secondly, the trash bag is weak as hell. Even triple layer wont suffice -.- so yeah explains this notice.
Wellwellwell. I had to resort to this. I just had to. I couldn’t take it anymore damn pestle and mortars had been in the sink for over a week. Mosquitoes be chillin and layin eggs errrwhere. Ugh. Two others have already told the culprit to finish it off but the person does not seem to listen. I used to be the one washing everything. I only did so cause I thought it was my duty >< but hey the moment I realized it wasn’t and that I’d only have to help if, IF, I were to be free. So I guess the person got used to me being the lab washer that she refuses to wash her stuff?

Next up, a picture with a view

Well the notice speaks for itself.
It’s about time I set things straight. Let’s call it NimsRevolution.
Ok. Till my next update.


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