Morning! 25/06 Food Log 5.

Good morning. Woke up feeling really really lazy. But I made my food anyway. Today I decided I needed something different. So for the wrap I planned to make a spinach egg tuna wrap. But things dont always go the way you plan aye. So ended up , I made this


Notice anything? Hahah i subbed the tuna for the chicken I usually have. I also drizzled a lil chilli sauce for a bit of oomph. Also the other usuals broc shroomz mix and strawberries.

Currently at the busstop waiting for the damn bus.

Update: I’m got on the damn bus.

Update: Time check 5:10pm. Forgot to pack myself some yogurt so I had to buy one from the canteennnn
Anyway work was ok I guess. Same old same old. OMG YA. Sis just sent these pics to me



UGH PUGS. Omg. Adorable to the max. Can I haz one pletty preaseee.

Cant wait for kickboxing w SivaDiva laterz. OH YA SHE MADE CHILLI TUNA SANDWICH UNF.
Alright I’ll update when I’m on my way home w the Diva herself. Prolly post a selfie laterz.

Ok like I promised,


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