Sup. So it was raining nigguhz in the morn. Although I could’ve slept the extra 30mins that’s assigned to preparing muh luunch I did not. I got my buttocks up(no ass yet) and prepared the usual. Which is why I’m not postin any food log today. Anyway I used to wear boots to work. Used to. See the thing is, I have to take them off whenever I enter the plant growth lab. So why don’t I wear slippers you ask? Well the lab I’m in or a part of if you must say it like that, is a normal lab thus requires one to adorn covered footwear. Ok so why am I talking about my footwear. Becauseeèee its raining and I didn’t want my boots to get all soaked and stanky. So I decided to wear my flats. Ofcourse I chose not to wear any socks cause soaked socks are the worst. So I wear the flats bravely and leave my house. There are 2 busstops both equidistant from my block to which I can go to take my bus to work. One way is easier way by easier I mean if the bus arrives at the prev stop I can spot it and start running for the bus. Whilst the other stop, is sheltered but I’d only see the bus when it arrives at the stop which basically means I catch it or wait for the next one. So well didnt really have a choice cause of my situation. Yes I’m too lazy to bring an umbrella what is an umbrella? Ok so I’m under my block. I know my way. The sheltered way. I was confident. I took long strides to make sure I’d reach the stop in the shortest possible timing. And splash. And more splash. And somemore splash. My feet were no, not submerged, but fully merged into a fatass puddle. Yay. Oh and did I forget to mention that my flats were basically made of cloth so I might as well have worn socks and walked straight into the pool. Squeak stomp squeak stomp squeak. With every step I took water spurted out. Gross.
LOL all this just to say that my flats got soaked in the morn.
Anyway reached the stop couldnt get on the first bus cause it was too crowded. But no worries I had a cutie to accompany me. Lol accompany my eyes :roll:. ok then I get on the second bus and I start reading If tomorrow never comes. Im already drawn in after the first page like wow. Ok flash  forward to work. Reached work. Ate my pb and strawberry sammich and then well, worked.
(As I’m typing this out I’m actually travelling up the escalator at bouna vista from the circle line heh)
Ok so anyway went for lunch w memaya and her colleagues. After lunch a sales cutie brought me over to another building in nus to show a product I asked for and had the most awkward tine ever. The whole thing was done and I said ok. Soooo….. ok. And still we were there just awkwardly trying to finish it off. So bloody awkward. Anyway shook hands. Left  back to work.
Now I’m at SP hockey training.  No didnt bring my gear cause if I do im sure to stay late and I canttttt I have to home early manz. Anyway it was fun. Got 2 hockey shirts for 20 bucks. Worth it. It’s really nice too heheh
Ok so now I’m finally on my way home 🙂 till next time? Prolly tomorrow when I’m bored at work lol 😂😂
Anyway to end it off I’d like to say that blogging during work is rather therapeutic. I guess it’s a win win situation as my blog gets more entrys while I get to share my woes by typing it out.



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