Food Log4.

What’s for lunch 23/6/14




So this is basically how my lunch box looks everyday. 🙂 There’s marinated chicken (3 spices and a dash of garlic salt-> chili,masala and turmeric) that is pan fried in a bit of olive oil and my normal boiled broccoli and mushroom that would be tossed in light soy sauce. No I don’t add salt to the broccoli and mushrooomz cause soy sauce is sufficient.

What’s in the wrap you asked? HAHA well I just add my pan fried chicks and broc and shroomz mixture inside. The excess mixture was then placed outside as a side dish hehe.(Omg someone from the lab came out so I had to close this luckily I saved this in drafts ;’))

Of course my absolute fav side dish would be the sweet potato fries. Thank god for these strip sized pieces of heaven. These fries are what keeps me going. It balances my palatte after eating just chicken and the veggies. It’s fresh, it’s new and it’s like the healthy version of it’s obese cousin your average french fry.

It’s simple to make.

1.Purchase some sweet potatoes. WOW so easy na. LOL

2. Peel and cut them to thin strips

3. Soak them in water for about 30mins to remove most of the starch

4.Drain and lightly drizzle some olive oil.

5. Add Cajun seasoning and a dash of garlic slat to taste. If you love salt then drown yo sweetpotfries in em.(omg more people came out of lab) But hey then it’s not healthy anymore. What I would suggest is add a small amount first. Taste after baking and then add more if really necessary. Sounds good to ya?

6. Ok the baking part. I have no idea what the exact temp or exact timing is but hey I make it work. I lay out the fries on a baking sheet in a ring (so it’s easier to turn). I bake them at around 220 degrees C for about 9/10minutes then take it out turn each strip YES YOU HEARD ME MOFO I HAVE TO TURN EVERY SINGLE STRIP. (Ugh lab) ok so where was I? ah yes. Turn, throw em back into the oven and set the temp and time according to how cooked they already are. I usually set my second temp to 210 degrees C for bout 8/9 minutes. Make sure to check on them cause I had to bring burnt fries to work once. So yes. Depending on how fat/thin long/short your fries are.

For fruits I have a small container of strawberrys mmz. Also packed a small tub of berry yogurt for (Dammit just received a call from somebody so I had to switch save to drafts log off. But hey it’s that  cute bio entrepreneur ;)Man cant a gurl get some peace to write a small blog entry. Yes I say that with ultimate sass. Funny how I write a blog entry during work and not when I’m at home. hah interesting) myself when I get really hungry like around at around 5 😉

So yeah


PS: This takes about 25/30minutes to prepare. That is if you preccut your chicken sweetpotfries and marinate and also cut your mushrooms and broccoli and keep em in a container.

~Nim :*


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