So I’ve just started food logs. I think it’s a good way to keep track of certain dished I prepare so I can refer to this in the future or also inspire others? If there’s anyone out here reading this LOLNOPE but still yeah.

It got me thinking, shall I start a book log? I like reading.I like reading alot. I mean I used to love reading when i was young and it just kind of faded away for a while and recently I’ve picked up the habit again. I’d like to thank sir Sidney Sheldon for reminding me that a book feeds the brain with endless thoughts and imagination. I’ve already read quite a few books and I still think about them. I wish I actually wrote down reviews/plot/summary so that I would have been able to look back at all of it. So yes.

Current Read, Divergent. So you can definitely expect a  post about it soon. I say soon cause I have no idea soon is. Could be tomorrow could be next week, month who knows?

Anyway. In other news, World Cup is happenin. I love watching it. The idea of different countries competing against one another in sports has always been fascinating to me. Explain why I absolutely love the Olympics. This is like the only time I actually watch football. World cup. I’ve always supported England and Germany have no idea why. Well it could be due to the fact that i loved Beckham( i mean who doesnt dat ass tho) and Ballack from Deutschland. Oh and I also loved Kaka. But wow all three of them are not playing anymore sigh. My sis and I used to stay up all night to watch world cup with snacks and mattresses and everything. Funny how ’06 World cup I had PSLE and ’10 World cup I had O’levels. haha well now I’m 19 goin 20 and I’m working. Which means I have to miss out on most of the games. UGH. stupid work. I’d die if I didnt get enough sleep. Once the group selection is over I’d start watching. Was damn sad I missed Portugal VS Germany. And recently the Ghana VS Germany draw?! whut. sigh la sigh I wanna watch tooo. SO far I’m relying on social media to feed me with the information. Anyway I’m voting for Germany. GO DEUTSHE.


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