Eating healthy? Nim’s Food Log 1.

Well, it’s been a week and finally my food’s done cooking and is out of the oven. HAHA ok sorry. I forgot to put it up last week but hey here I am. Weekends are the only time I actually get free time. If I have plans on a weekend, then well all I think about when I reach home is sleep.bed.sleep.dream.sleep.lil bit of food and oh not forgetting, SLEEP.

Anyway last saturday I had no plans in the morning/afternoon whatsoever and therefore I decided to make my own breakfast and lunch. Actually I make my own food breakfast/lunch and dinner. That is, if I’m at home. If Im out then Id let the streets feed me. Cant remember the last time I had mums food actually 😥 Well. Soon uh. When relatives come over I guess cause that’s when she whips out her magic gourmet chef hat and starts cooking some real mean dishes. MMMMZ.

Ok so the main purpose of this post is to introduce a new segment I’m planning to do. Basically they’ll be about meals I prepare that are healthy simple to make and are actually pretty goood. They’re good enough for me anyway.


RIGHT, where was I. OK let’s start with breakfast. Log.1 14/06/14


Well well (que Maleficent) what do we have here? Simple. You got 2 slices of wholemeal bread, slather on some chunky delicious glorious peanut butter, top with some bananers and cinnamon powder. PB NANERZ AND CINNAMON what a deadly combination. Of course you can’t just have that. You need to have some siiiide disshiz. An apple and hey you got raisins? How bout a few dates. Yeah. No fancy orange juice or any other juice. Either h2o or maybe I’ll sneak in some peach vitagen 😉



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