The month of may has been good to me 🙂 It was pretty hectic actually. Couldnt catch a break man. Why you MAY ask? lol may. OK. Work on weekdays and commitments on weekends. Yeap. So I go to work from 8:30-6 everyday( except friday cause i end at 5:30 on fridays. pfft big diff -.-) and on weekends I leave a day for hockey and the other for gym. But I aint complainin I actually inda like this hectic lifestyle. Im always up and about doing stuff going places. It keeps me occupied. I’m an overthinker. So when I have my hands full my mind would stop thinking about whatever shit I may think of that gets me sad/angry whatever. Keeping occupied truly makes me happy. I feel happier. Wish Id blogged about my outings and stuff but it’s just that Id be sooo pooped by the time I get home and usually I just kinda fall asleep with the lights on. and THAT says something.Like I am too tired to even get up and walk for like 2m to get to the light switch that i choose to sleep with the lights on. Yeap. Hectic month. Signed up for a lot of things at the same time. But I loved it. Not saying I hate being at home, Its just that I feel like Ive found a new found freedom. I sign up for things and I pay for them myself and that makes me feel even better. List of some of the things I’ve signed up for

1. Hockey league (one day of my weekend is dedicated to it)

2. Conservation Ambassador for the Zoo (had 2 trainings over 2 weekends)

3. Kickboxing [Every thursdays w Siva 😉 ]


Yeah well these are what Ive signed up for. But my week usually goes something like this,

Monday- Work, Rest

Tuesday- Work, Run around my estate/out with friends

Wednesday- Work, Gym

Thursday- Work, Kickboxing

Friday- Work, Gym/out with friends

Saturday- Hockey

Sunday- Gym/ grocery shoppin for the week

I’m trying to head to the gym 3 times a week but due to my schedule I usually only end up going on wednesdays and sundays.

Anyway. I’m lovin it.

I’m thinking about doing food blogs. Like what I had for breakfast and stuff. Well only on days like today since I woke up feeling all good and refreshed. Home alone. Feels like god granted me a day of peace. I got up, made breakfast and as Im typing this now my lunch is being baked in the oven. So look out for the next post. hehe



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