Omg. Cant believe my parents actually let me go for a sleepover :0 It’s a miracle.
So yesterday after work, met shanshan and memaya at starbucks and we went around the mall looking for something to present to Baos parents. So we decided to get some hokkaido cakes. Since I brought my brownie, and the cream cheese frosting was melting off, I suggested we go over to her house first and place the brownies in the fridge! Then we embarked on a journey that lasted only 20minutes(all hail circle line). Reached bishan went over to ntuc, bought snacks and met jinjin then we all went over to buy a ticket for the fault in our stars but they didnt shiw that movie at that timing anymore so boohoooo. Went to baos house left our bags and went off to farrer road for some swee choon at around 10pm? Basically dim sums for dinner but they were actually really filling!
Here’s our table w most of our orders


Let’s take a closer look 😉


This is the xiao long bao! With a succulent pork filling and a really rich broth which actually spurts into your mouth as you take a bite. 👍


Carrot cake. Probably deep-fried cause there was a lingering taste of oil even after dousing a piece of it in chilli sauce. One thing I liked about this was the smooth texture.☺


I forgot the name of this dish but I believe it’s the hot/spicy and sour soup?  2 thumbs up.  It was really really good. Have no idea what was inside but it was pretty spicy a good kind of spicy one that’ll probably heal a cold. It was slightly thick and vinegary with mushrooms inside which I lurve. 👍👍



This is the famous custard bun. It was alright. I think I had 2 1/2 buns. Custard and salted yolk. Wish the filling was more smooth and creamy though. It wasn’t smooth and that caught me by surprise.  Not saying there were lumps or anything but overall it was just meh alright.


EGG TART. Ok I actually had 2 egg tarts. They were too good infact this was by far the best dessert-like dish they had. Super flaky and slightly sweet puff pastry with a creamy smooth filling which was not overly sweet.  I’d definitely go back just for these tartlings.


Well this is just a collage. Oh by the way I had lime juice. Total price was probably 17 bucks per person. I would say it’s worth it. I was soooo full. Like I was very uncomfortable. Super duper uncomfortable. Felt like a total blob man. Travelled back to baos house and by the time everyone freshened up it was already 330am.
Watched a horror movie called Mama and basically this is how we all looked,


Yes under blankets lol. By the way, the blanket was super duper comfy especially with the aircon. Shiok eh. Once the movie ended like 1/2 of us slept so the rest decided to sleep as well.
Woke up at around 845. 2 of em had work (sigh) so they had to get ready early. Managed to get a group shot with everyone 🙂


Yay. We didn’t have to do much. I just really enjoyed their company :’) also received a super duper cute sketch book from shanshan and memaya :’) after two of em left, the 4 of us went over to the mall to get some breakfast before heading to our own homes.

Breakfast consisted of beef noodles.


Looks better after mixing.


However they did not taste fantastic. They were ok. Wont order it again. It was kind of bland for me. The beef didn’t have salt neither did the noodles. Basically it wasn’t what I was lookin for 😦 . It had a vinegary soya saucey or whatever kind of thick gravy spewed all over the noodles. Really wanted to eat some fried dumpling noodles. The best fried dumpling noodles without a doubt would be from the hawker center near my secondary school. Crispy dumplings with prawns inside and a nice spicy noodles to go along with them dumplings.
Back to breakfast/brunch, after we finished our food we started chatting about poly days and just about the whole 3 years of our lives which just seemed to zoom past us. Had a really long chitchat session till about 1230 when it was the peak lunch time and people were hopelessly walking around looking for space. So we felt kinda bad and decided to leave I guess. Yea.

Anyway on my way out I came across this shop which sold really cute sandals and I really needed some sandals to wear to work. Because you see, I work in 2 different labs. One lab required me to have covered shoes whilst the other lab, tissue culture lab, requires me to remove my shoe when entering. I am so sick of removing and wearing my shoes so I decided to get a pair of cute sandals to wear to work and of course I’d bring a pair of flats and leave it in my locker.
Aren’t these like the cutest?! $29


Alrighty that’s about it.



26/6 fudge brownie with a nutella cream cheese blanket



Ok well it was brownie mix. But hey I made the nutella cream cheese frosting obamaself kay. Came home at 9:45, gave my parents some chocolate to calm their souls and started work exactly at 10. I as so confident that i was ready. I mean all you need is abit of oil, some water and an egg. So i thought yeahhh man we got this shiz. But then i remembered i had an egg in the morning and that there were only two left. :0 and JENGJENGJENG… momma prssented me with some french toast as I was preparing the other stuff. Panicked. Ran to the fridge and realised we were out of eggzzz. I was damn sad uh and my 2 oscar award winning parents pretended that they didnt buy any eggs in the morn and said we were really out. I was so sad I was about to go take a spoor to eat nutella off the jar but wait. I saw something, behind the nutella hiding behind some huge naners. EGGS. Well that got me really eggcited again. Geddit. Egg cited. Lol. Ok no sorry. Pls dont stop reading.
I shall post the pic of the final product tomorrow.

A promise is a promise.



Ingredients fo da vest sandwich eva courtesy of Diva: wholemeal bread, olive oil, tuna mix, lettuce, mayo, chilli, 1/2 teaspoon of lemon zest. (Tuna mix includes olive oil a lil chilli powder and chilli padi)

Whoa so nice!



DELISH. UNF. Gonna make it tomorrow fo breakfast. Fwhoa shiok.

Morning! 25/06 Food Log 5.

Good morning. Woke up feeling really really lazy. But I made my food anyway. Today I decided I needed something different. So for the wrap I planned to make a spinach egg tuna wrap. But things dont always go the way you plan aye. So ended up , I made this


Notice anything? Hahah i subbed the tuna for the chicken I usually have. I also drizzled a lil chilli sauce for a bit of oomph. Also the other usuals broc shroomz mix and strawberries.

Currently at the busstop waiting for the damn bus.

Update: I’m got on the damn bus.

Update: Time check 5:10pm. Forgot to pack myself some yogurt so I had to buy one from the canteennnn
Anyway work was ok I guess. Same old same old. OMG YA. Sis just sent these pics to me



UGH PUGS. Omg. Adorable to the max. Can I haz one pletty preaseee.

Cant wait for kickboxing w SivaDiva laterz. OH YA SHE MADE CHILLI TUNA SANDWICH UNF.
Alright I’ll update when I’m on my way home w the Diva herself. Prolly post a selfie laterz.

Ok like I promised,

Rise and shine earthlings

Goodmorning it’s been quite the morning for me. As usual I woke up at 625 and rushed to prepare my food for the day. Same thing I swear. Dont believe? Here take a look then. I even have a bananer for scale. banana x banana that’s the size of my lunch box.


Tadaaa. Same. Wrap. Brocolli shroomz mix and a side of sweetpotfries. Ofcourse fruit of the week, strawberry. Also yogurt of the week Petit Mama. On the right you have 2 pb sandwiches one with bananer slices in em whilst the other is plain. I have the one w the naner slices for breakfast, around 830, that’s the time I reach my workplace. The solo banana is for me to have between breakfast and lunch. You know something to eat while I’m dying. So banana around ~1130. Then the box for lunch excluding the yogurt cause I have the yogurt few hours after lunch when I’m dying again. So around 5? The last pb sandwich is for me to have after gym. It’s Wednesday which means, gym day ✌.

Anyway as I was preparing this feast, it was dark and gloomy outside. With occasional lightning and thunder. Felt like a scene from a horror movie where the  victim’s in the kitchen preparing food and the attacker slowly makes an appearance. Not gonna lie I was scared as fuck cause I was alone at home and all the doors to each room were open and it was really dark outside. So I was stirrin up my veggie mix when suddenly, cue huge-ass thick lightning bolt, struck the city and not even a second later thunder followed. Ofcourse I shrieked.  Not too loudly but a quick sharp one. As I shrieked the power got cut off. Wow. All of this happened simultaneously by the way. The only thing I could see was the flame from the stove. Immediately offed the flame and ran for cover lol so dramatic I know. It was dark before but now it was pitch black. Literally ran past my parents room and went to the corner of the living room which was closes to the window. You have no idea how scared I was. I tend to imagine things when I’m in the dark, alone. Suddenly, the phone started ringing. And you guessed it, i shrieked yet again and I was just like, dafuq is that happenin? I thought there was no power. Horror movie horror movie HORROR MOVIE.  So I let it ring for a bit then answered it. Chey. It was sajip. Lol dad called to check in on me cause he saw from the car park that the lights suddenly turned off. So once the phone call ended I waited like 5 minutes with the long umbrella and then once I felt it was safe enough, I turned it on. Hehe. First thing I did was to go around to the house to close all the doors. Then I ran to the kitchen to prepare ma foood.
Fast forward to now, it’s 8:56 and I’m having my breakfast and making this post.
Shall update on how the day goes if I can. Yay for wordpress on android. Now I can write stuff on the go.

Time check 12:03. Here’s what I had to resort to in the lab
They just dump a shitload into the trash bin till it fills to the brim and I’m just like whoaaa? First of all, it’s fucking heavy and secondly, the trash bag is weak as hell. Even triple layer wont suffice -.- so yeah explains this notice.
Wellwellwell. I had to resort to this. I just had to. I couldn’t take it anymore damn pestle and mortars had been in the sink for over a week. Mosquitoes be chillin and layin eggs errrwhere. Ugh. Two others have already told the culprit to finish it off but the person does not seem to listen. I used to be the one washing everything. I only did so cause I thought it was my duty >< but hey the moment I realized it wasn’t and that I’d only have to help if, IF, I were to be free. So I guess the person got used to me being the lab washer that she refuses to wash her stuff?

Next up, a picture with a view

Well the notice speaks for itself.
It’s about time I set things straight. Let’s call it NimsRevolution.
Ok. Till my next update.


Sup. So it was raining nigguhz in the morn. Although I could’ve slept the extra 30mins that’s assigned to preparing muh luunch I did not. I got my buttocks up(no ass yet) and prepared the usual. Which is why I’m not postin any food log today. Anyway I used to wear boots to work. Used to. See the thing is, I have to take them off whenever I enter the plant growth lab. So why don’t I wear slippers you ask? Well the lab I’m in or a part of if you must say it like that, is a normal lab thus requires one to adorn covered footwear. Ok so why am I talking about my footwear. Becauseeèee its raining and I didn’t want my boots to get all soaked and stanky. So I decided to wear my flats. Ofcourse I chose not to wear any socks cause soaked socks are the worst. So I wear the flats bravely and leave my house. There are 2 busstops both equidistant from my block to which I can go to take my bus to work. One way is easier way by easier I mean if the bus arrives at the prev stop I can spot it and start running for the bus. Whilst the other stop, is sheltered but I’d only see the bus when it arrives at the stop which basically means I catch it or wait for the next one. So well didnt really have a choice cause of my situation. Yes I’m too lazy to bring an umbrella what is an umbrella? Ok so I’m under my block. I know my way. The sheltered way. I was confident. I took long strides to make sure I’d reach the stop in the shortest possible timing. And splash. And more splash. And somemore splash. My feet were no, not submerged, but fully merged into a fatass puddle. Yay. Oh and did I forget to mention that my flats were basically made of cloth so I might as well have worn socks and walked straight into the pool. Squeak stomp squeak stomp squeak. With every step I took water spurted out. Gross.
LOL all this just to say that my flats got soaked in the morn.
Anyway reached the stop couldnt get on the first bus cause it was too crowded. But no worries I had a cutie to accompany me. Lol accompany my eyes :roll:. ok then I get on the second bus and I start reading If tomorrow never comes. Im already drawn in after the first page like wow. Ok flash  forward to work. Reached work. Ate my pb and strawberry sammich and then well, worked.
(As I’m typing this out I’m actually travelling up the escalator at bouna vista from the circle line heh)
Ok so anyway went for lunch w memaya and her colleagues. After lunch a sales cutie brought me over to another building in nus to show a product I asked for and had the most awkward tine ever. The whole thing was done and I said ok. Soooo….. ok. And still we were there just awkwardly trying to finish it off. So bloody awkward. Anyway shook hands. Left  back to work.
Now I’m at SP hockey training.  No didnt bring my gear cause if I do im sure to stay late and I canttttt I have to home early manz. Anyway it was fun. Got 2 hockey shirts for 20 bucks. Worth it. It’s really nice too heheh
Ok so now I’m finally on my way home 🙂 till next time? Prolly tomorrow when I’m bored at work lol 😂😂
Anyway to end it off I’d like to say that blogging during work is rather therapeutic. I guess it’s a win win situation as my blog gets more entrys while I get to share my woes by typing it out.


Food Log4.

What’s for lunch 23/6/14




So this is basically how my lunch box looks everyday. 🙂 There’s marinated chicken (3 spices and a dash of garlic salt-> chili,masala and turmeric) that is pan fried in a bit of olive oil and my normal boiled broccoli and mushroom that would be tossed in light soy sauce. No I don’t add salt to the broccoli and mushrooomz cause soy sauce is sufficient.

What’s in the wrap you asked? HAHA well I just add my pan fried chicks and broc and shroomz mixture inside. The excess mixture was then placed outside as a side dish hehe.(Omg someone from the lab came out so I had to close this luckily I saved this in drafts ;’))

Of course my absolute fav side dish would be the sweet potato fries. Thank god for these strip sized pieces of heaven. These fries are what keeps me going. It balances my palatte after eating just chicken and the veggies. It’s fresh, it’s new and it’s like the healthy version of it’s obese cousin your average french fry.

It’s simple to make.

1.Purchase some sweet potatoes. WOW so easy na. LOL

2. Peel and cut them to thin strips

3. Soak them in water for about 30mins to remove most of the starch

4.Drain and lightly drizzle some olive oil.

5. Add Cajun seasoning and a dash of garlic slat to taste. If you love salt then drown yo sweetpotfries in em.(omg more people came out of lab) But hey then it’s not healthy anymore. What I would suggest is add a small amount first. Taste after baking and then add more if really necessary. Sounds good to ya?

6. Ok the baking part. I have no idea what the exact temp or exact timing is but hey I make it work. I lay out the fries on a baking sheet in a ring (so it’s easier to turn). I bake them at around 220 degrees C for about 9/10minutes then take it out turn each strip YES YOU HEARD ME MOFO I HAVE TO TURN EVERY SINGLE STRIP. (Ugh lab) ok so where was I? ah yes. Turn, throw em back into the oven and set the temp and time according to how cooked they already are. I usually set my second temp to 210 degrees C for bout 8/9 minutes. Make sure to check on them cause I had to bring burnt fries to work once. So yes. Depending on how fat/thin long/short your fries are.

For fruits I have a small container of strawberrys mmz. Also packed a small tub of berry yogurt for (Dammit just received a call from somebody so I had to switch save to drafts log off. But hey it’s that  cute bio entrepreneur ;)Man cant a gurl get some peace to write a small blog entry. Yes I say that with ultimate sass. Funny how I write a blog entry during work and not when I’m at home. hah interesting) myself when I get really hungry like around at around 5 😉

So yeah


PS: This takes about 25/30minutes to prepare. That is if you preccut your chicken sweetpotfries and marinate and also cut your mushrooms and broccoli and keep em in a container.

~Nim :*