Vas Happenin

1. Started work ( actually started on april7th oops sorry)

2. Work is ok i guess. I get like very little human interaction though. 😥

3. Hockey still goin on. Get to play on the field YAY

4. NUS is a fucking huge school. I can have lunch and burn all the calories from it while I head back to the lab.

5. Made a new busstop buddy aw yay

6. Got a new blog reader.LOL HEY SEEV :*

7. I’m too lazy to write a whole paragraph and give every single detail like I love to do I mean I hate telling stories without the detail

8. Met the polyclassmates today and had manhatten :’) Felt good to have company.

9. I feel so gulity that I’m gonna head to the gym tomorrow.

10. Work starts at 8:30 instead of 9:00 now so why am I still up?

11. Oh ya, ever since work started I try to sleep by 11 hehe



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