18/4 19/4


Went to USS with cousin and Uncle. It was so crowded i nearly died. Claustrophobia really kicked in. Anyway only managed to get on a few rides cause the waiting time was like 1hr+ for all? dafuq right. sg’s too populated. Anyway we left and finding the car was such an issue.  Caused cousin and uncle to quarrel. It was horrible cause i was just there like..umm…? Then we went to mammi amma house for dinner and then were gonna leave to uncles house and my cousin just would not budge. She didnt want to come. Which annoyed me a lot cause well she was the one who wanted me there and when i was this was the treatment i was given like dafuq man. In the end she showed up though and she just, well, slept. -.-



Met around 12. Lunch w T at Veganburg but i couldnt finish my food cause i had no appetite. He finished my burger for me then we left for bishan mall to catch divergent. My third time watching hehe theo is just too sexy ❤ Yeap thats about it. Nothing happened.


Why am I always lost about myself?

Finally another blog post. Sigh. Sorry. I realise that I only make blog posts when I’m feeling extremely low. I rarely write about happy stuff. Shall try not to be such a moopy person. It’s just that, lately I’ve been feeling weird. I have no idea who I am anymore. I have no idea of what I want or how I feel. My mind is playing horrid games with me. My feelings towards people, things and situations change all the time. I just want to feel sure about stuff and not be so all over the place/ indecisive. Indecisiveness sucks balls. I can’t choose. I want it all. I want to feel it all. I feel like I have so many different personalities. I just want one.