Loneliness or being alone?

Spending my days by reading books.

For once I’d like to finish reading all the books I’ve borrowed.

Minimal social interaction.

Spending a lot of ‘quality’ time with myself.

Do I like it? Maybe.

Sometimes I savour it yet sometimes I dread it.

Have yet to find the balance.


The Difference Between Loneliness And Being Alone

Thought Catalog


The funny thing about loneliness is how very little it has to do with actually being alone.

The saddest, truest kind of loneliness seeps in when you least expect it. It arrives silently: while lying in the arms of your lover, measuring the frequency of their hand as it runs back and forth, up and down, caressing the dimple of your thigh. It’s noticing the way their touch occasionally slows, falters – the way they’ve grown so easily distracted by the static, violent movements of their video game, the one you bought them for their birthday.

It’s remembering the way your body once commanded their pulse to quicken, their heart to race. It’s how your touch once brought light to their eyes and tiny, dancing goose-bumps to the skin of their neck. Loneliness is is the pull-back to your lean-in, the hug to your kiss, the question to your…

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omg. I wrote half of this post but it’s gone. LIKE GONE.POOF. UGH. So I guess I’d have to write again. From the beginning.


-xuan house, lemon cupcakes

-whitesands ntuc mineral water,

-met guys took bus to chalet,

-garden terrace ANANAS, one room 2 bedds another with 2 bunk beds

-share toilet. one shower one w cubicle

-played game of humanity then i went to take a 2hr nap

-woke up, guys playin video games girls playing monopoly and we took polaroids

-pizza arrived. from RITE. not gonna order a second time cause of pizza crust

-ate pizza

– then girls went to play card games and guys played dance central

-joined in for one game in dance central

-went to beach with girls at 8~9

-got a good spot. next to a couple oops

-talked random stuff

-guys arrived and ew sait in a ‘circle’

-told ghost stories and random stories

-played truth or dare

-had fun

-12:30 went back to chalet


-watched some lame show

-girls played card

-slept at 3?

DAY 2:

-woke up at 6:30

– went to the beach to catch sunrise but fail. saw a rat though and OHHHHH DOGE THE DOG NYEHEHE

– went straight to mac had breakfast and went back ot chalet to pass guys their food

-girls slept till 12 i think? just in time for lunch

-headed out to ehub for lunch at kopitiam had chicken rice which wasnt too good

– went back to chalet and girls started to watch kalho naa ho whilst the guys went for a swim

-halfway into the movie xuannie had to collect bbq food so we paused.

-then the guys came back and we decided to play ball games

-girls went to rent 4 bicycles. one of them broke or something ugh

-then we played captains ball

– blister so many blisters

-went back to chalet and started preparing for bbq

-after bbq we played murderer and then went to shower

-after we showered the girls decided to continue kalhonaaho

-once that movie ended, i think around 2? went over to the guys room and we played this game werewolf priest healer?

-then one by ome we fell asleep


-woke up at 9, check out at 10:15

-got ready cleaned everything and waited for the person to check the place

-took pics with everyone and went to whitesands kopitiam to have lunch for the final time as a class

-then we all went our ways 😥

Omg I actually had a great time. I do wish that all this had happened in like year 1 or something not when we were all about to graduate. But alas Im glad it did. Hopefully we’d have more chalets.




1. Took my final papers of poly life (3rd March) . Dont think I’d get an A though. Max B I guess :/

2. Chilled at spec w hummy and kila for the last time as SP students

3. Thought I could chill but I had to return to school the very next day. YES THE VERY NEXT DAY to meet my FYP supervisor about some Science symposium thingy

4. Went to the library, read for a while and borrowed a few books. I mean somethings gotta keep me company.

5. Class chalet from 5-7th at Aloha Loyang. Had a great time :’)