So i was supposed to meet a friend today but he never showed up. He fell asleep :/ Sigh. I dont know why Im feeling so angry/pissed by this. I mean to him I was just meeting him after a study sesh. But what he doesnt know is that that study sesh was made so i could meet him.


Feel kinda worthless. Omg so drama sia but yea thats exactly what i feel now. Worthless. Waited the entire day for a msg to confirm the meet up but no.

Its ok.


We’re just friends anyway. I dont want anything more. AT ALL. I like the way it is. Nonchalent.

I’m afraid of feelings, commitment, pressure and all that. I cant and wont be able to deal with anything.

Anyway I’m not so mad now but boy I was flaming when i first received the msg. Hmmm. I have no idea what to feel right now.




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