Went to Clarke Quay with the family on CNY. Hehe impromptu plan to go out as a fam. We rarely go out uh btw.

So we decided to go to Clarke quay to just walk around and stroll. LIKE WHUT. Anyway once we reached we were all hungry so we decided to go have dinnnuh YAY at a nice restaurant called RAS. Its an Indian restaurant go figure. Why do Indians eat out at indian restaurants? Something I never quite understood why >: Maybe we just love our food a tad too much heheh ANYWAY so the waiter comes up to us and hands us the menu. He had the ladies the normal menu while he hands my dad the menu with a bonus page. hmm BOOZE. So I just thought Id give it a shot and order one of them. But of course I’d only order a cocktail cause it’s a ‘ladies’ drink πŸ˜‰ Mojito sounded pretty delicious actually. Mint leaves, sprite and rum. Mmmz. Dad actually went ahead and allowed me to order :’) YAYERZ. Mum and sis had Shirley temple. Sis is under some kind of skin medication and she’s afriad alcohol might cause some weird reaction so yeah she’s staying away from alcohol for a while. Food-wise, Hyderabadi briyani chicken and lamb, roomali roti, and chicken keema i think? we’d decided to keep it simple as we just ate before we left. I mean we were hungry but we were not VERY hungry. Get it? yeah. So food arrived and it was soo good. The briyani rice was cooked to perfection. Soft and fluffy omg so good. The chicken was soft and tender not dry AT ALL how the hell do they do that?! The chicken was perfection HECK even their raitta was amazeballz. Yeah. Finished our food and I found myself craving for something sweet. Yeah start spicy, end sweet vice versa πŸ˜‰ So yeah grabed a menu and the hot brownie sundae. IT WAS SO GOOD. Although i thought they were kinda stingy about the brownie. It was like 1/2 inch thick and like 5x5cm πŸ˜₯ but the icecream on top was kinda huge so I guess that made up for the ridiculously small brownie.

Next we decided to walk around a bit. LOW AND BEHOLD the famous turkish icecream that Id been seeing at Clarke quay for YEARS and i literally mean yearrsssss. Always wanted to try it. But dad would say NO cause we already had food and apparently I was at a phase where I’d eat food even if I’m extremely full. I’ve seen that ‘stall’ for 6 years although the cheeky vendor changed 😦 He was more engaging with his customers.The new vendor just kinda hands out the icecream. MEH. So i got chocolate. Duh. My undying love for chocolate. Mum got vanilla and dad got pistachio. $6 per cup of turkish icecream. NOT WORTH IT. Even after wanting that icecream to melt in my mouth for years,still NOT WORTH IT. ok.

Took train and reached BB. Sis didnt have the turkish ice cream so she thought she’d get herself Macs icecream. So i followed her and I dont know what came over me but i ordered a chocolate milkshake for myself hehehhehhe BUT WORST DECISION EVAH. 1. hot brownie sundae 2. turkish chocolate icecream 3.Macs chocolate milkshake. SIGH and i had like NO water at all other than that one glass at the restaurant.

So yeah I woke up the next day with what I call the early signs of a fever. Dry throat feelin weak and all dat ish. So yeah did i mention dad decided to head out to pulau ubin that day!? no? well yeah. So even though i knew a storm of bad fever was upon me, i still went ahead. I did tell my parents and sis that i was feelin unwell but they brushed it off as a joke ( i shall make a new post soon about that). So yeah we were a near clem when i felt really weak and held my dads hand. He thought it was really hot. LAWD JESUS ITS A FIRE. yeah it was burh- nin. So we decided to head back home. Basically i was bed ridden the whole day. All i had that day was one thosai at like 10am before headin out. I ate like 12 hours later after crawlin out of bed. Yeah BED RIDDEN. No fan. Just me my bolster, my trusty beary and my blanket.

Feel kinda bad that the plan was cancelled cause of me though.




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