Report and preinterview jitters

-Submitted FYP report to supervisor ( like finally)First draft was due on 18th Dec but he gave us time till 2nd of Jan to complete. Which we obviously failed to meet the deadline. Then he gave us another chance and said hey submit it next week. Which we again, failed to fulfill. SIGHLASIGH

So report is due the day after tomorrow and we finally sent him the nearly final copy. Why nearly final you ask? wait who are you? oh psh that’s right, no one reads my blog :’) Anyway, it’s nearly final as we still have the references and citations to add in, and the lit review well, hmm i feel like adding a lil more stuff to it to well make it a bit more ‘colourful’.

Feels like a big burden is off my shoulders…JK

– I have a job interview at NUS tomorrow OMG. Why did I even sign up for it?! oh wait I know why, I doubted myself for even being given a chance to get interviewed.Why? Cause I suck. Well I don’t, my grades do. So what the hell I shall just give it a shot. BOOM. Emails after emails regarding CV blabla and finally the professor is gonna interview me tomorrow. I honestly just wanted a job to keep me occupied. But a research assistant would keep me more than occupied. My brain would prolly be fried. Sigh and the mundane tasks. SO NOT MY THING. Having second thoughts. :(:( double emoticon. those are some strong emotions going on.

Anyway IF i get the job, which i wont, I’d be a whole new experience. You know what they say, even bad experience is some experience. So i shall follow my motto and #bepositive. did i just hashtag on wordpress hoyes i did. it’s my thing yall.

So now I’m cramming all the data. Orchids, viruses, plants, DNA, shit, more shit. yup. It’s currently 12:39am. YAY TO MORE SLEEPLESS NIGHTS TO COME.



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