New Year

Ok so it’s the new year again. 2014.

A new chapter of my life.


To be the best version of myself.

So anyway, on 31st, i had fun i guess. Every year my relatives hold a gathering. EVERYYEAR since 1999. wow. I’ve been going there for 13years(first went in 2000 heh). Anyway it’s basically a gathering of family relatives and some friends i guess. 10 years ago, I would have been thrilled and eagerly waiting for the party. But this year, no. no way. I’m 19 man. I needa go out and have some fun. Maybe watch some fireworks and just chilling with my niggas I swear there was only one other teenager other than me. 1.1.1. friggin 1. Sigh. Guess all the other kids that came for the party kinda ‘graduated’. And there i was. Stuck. Thank god I had my sis with me oh and my friend the the other Basically the party was a flop. I mean alot of families didnt show up. Bet they had better things to do. ehem.maybewatchfireworks. So yea. Bunch of oldies and babies and the teen,my sis and I. Well initially we just sat at a table alone. Then like 10 mins later the babies joined us. Ok maybe they’re not actual babies but they are to me lol one of them being my cousin, is way taller than me and she’s only 11 homaigod. So we played murderer and police. oh thank god cause I didnt have to move from my seat. All I had to do was either blink or die. So we played that then had some chicken satay then some other food the aunties prepared. Not much choices this year man. What a let down. Even the food didnt cheer me up D’: Anyway tried to be a nice sis and get my sis a drink and guess what happend? the stupid gassy assed shit of a bottle just fizzed the damn drink all ova ma bodeh. My new shirt cardigan and jeans. But wait there’s more. MY HAIR MY FUCKING HAIR. UGH. Anywho i was a sticky as hell throughout the night. Which made me want to leave the place more.

There was something that made me laugh though :’D Drunk man. Add a word and ya get drunk indian man. hohoho so much entertainment i cant contain. So the master piece was on it near the toilet. It was pitch black by the way. The whole place is so ulu. The toilets were secluded and well i kinda needed to be away for a while so me and my sis justwent there to ‘explore’ the place. AND tada came the man. Dressed all smart and shit. He saw a pole and started swaying from it with one hand and started saying stuff to himself. so funny omg should’ve taken a video dammit. HAHA well. Sigh. Now that i think about it, it is kinda sad that this was the only happening scene for me.

So i was there stuck while somewhere in SG, the wanted were performing 😥 oh well caught parts of their performance on an old TV that was at the farm. oh did i forget to mention that this whole event was in a fish farm?  A FISH FARM. WHAAAA. yea. Don’t ask.

The countdown. Oh dear lord the countdown was the worst ever. It’s was already after 12 when they realised. So the poppers and the spray cans were a tad too late. But oh well the day finally came to an end with everyone hugging and wishing one another a happy new year.



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