Hobbit was awesome. Had to go to the toilet halfway though cause i totally forgot that it was a 3hr movie and thus didnt go earlier. but hey even if i went earlier id prolly wanna go again cause all i had the whole day was liquids.So the Hobbit, loved the movie. Love the adventures and stuff like it makes me want to be a part of it. Makes me sad that there are no such things as dwarves and elves and dragons. man. what a boring world we live in.

Anyway Kili is like the hottest dwarf.Could’t stop staring whenever he came on screen. heh dem eyes were so memorizing. Truth. And that tauriel elven girl was gorgeous omg. Legolas of course how can i forget my mancrush from LOTR. damn he still looks so fine 10 years later. Anyway I thought it kidna funny how smaug decided to have a chat with bilbo instead of just breathing fire and killing him instantly. oh wait but he’s the main character. right. of course he cant be killed. DUH. hahaha.

Well basically i loved it. Ended off with smaug going to destroy the village.

Let me direct the last installment.

Bilbo will get the arkenstone.

Bard will shoot the smaug with the black arrow at like the last 5 mins of the 3hr long 3rd part.

Prolly a dwarf would die. I mean someone has to die to get that emotional impact. IT BETTER NOT BE KILI.

They lived happily ever after the end.


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