OK so the thing is, I told my parents that i had fyp to do in school. which was a lie.

What i actually did was, meet up with ma home girl kilz and she bought stuff for her camp.and then I went to meet another friend of mine. We went to watch the hobbit.heh honestly i wish i couldve spent more time with him after the movie piggin out as I was hungry as fuck( mind you i only had 2 gong chas) but alas i had a gathering to attend to. I wish i wasn’t so awkward. I wish i did things differently. Wish I was more lively hahahh well fyp stress uh spoiler.

Ok hope we’d go out soon again so i can totally catch up on his life and stuff like that.

Oh well.

shall try my best to update this blog throughout the year

oh did i mention I’m gonna make a memory jar this year? hehehhe

I BETTER. I totally want a jar full of goodies to read in 2015. 🙂



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