I feel like i have nothing that keeps me going.

Nothing. Nothing worth going to school for.

Hate studying.

Hate assignments.

Hate FYP.

Nothing.Nothing worth going for.

Not even friends.

Cause i dont really have anyone in my class that i can lean on.


Suddenly everyone feels like a stranger.

I swear the class was more alive during first week of school.

Well, to me that is.

Now everyone is further sectioned to their smaller cliques and im left cliqueless.

I cant be bothered.

I honestly dont give a fuck.

Which is why i usually keep to myself in class this sem.

Everything has changed.

People changed.

Maybe they didnt change, maybe they are different from how i want them to be and thus seem “changed” to me.

Feel kinda leftout though.

Thats the last thing i need right now.

I hate feeling lonely.


Makes me feel like i have nothing.

Feeling really negative right now.

Nothing interests me.

Im boring.

I feel like i have nothing.

Feel like i have learnt nothing.

Decembers the month i reflect on myself.

Behaviour, changes, everything.

This december, i feel nothing.





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