I feel like i have nothing that keeps me going.

Nothing. Nothing worth going to school for.

Hate studying.

Hate assignments.

Hate FYP.

Nothing.Nothing worth going for.

Not even friends.

Cause i dont really have anyone in my class that i can lean on.


Suddenly everyone feels like a stranger.

I swear the class was more alive during first week of school.

Well, to me that is.

Now everyone is further sectioned to their smaller cliques and im left cliqueless.

I cant be bothered.

I honestly dont give a fuck.

Which is why i usually keep to myself in class this sem.

Everything has changed.

People changed.

Maybe they didnt change, maybe they are different from how i want them to be and thus seem “changed” to me.

Feel kinda leftout though.

Thats the last thing i need right now.

I hate feeling lonely.


Makes me feel like i have nothing.

Feeling really negative right now.

Nothing interests me.

Im boring.

I feel like i have nothing.

Feel like i have learnt nothing.

Decembers the month i reflect on myself.

Behaviour, changes, everything.

This december, i feel nothing.






“Razbliuto” is a Russian word to describe that empty feeling you have for someone you once loved, but no longer love.


oh mai god.

So there was a riot at little india today. hmm

This was bound to happen

I mean, how long was SG gonna be the ‘perfect’ country

My thoughts on this: nothing

Apparently the rioting started when a private bus ran over someone.



Police cars and ambulances turned over?

Gurkhas deployed?! wow

Honestly speaking, I think that there’s more to the story.

Maybe they’re finally venting out the anger they had for being treated like scums


Endless tweets.

Racist comments.



It’s time for change in Singapore.

Missed Flight

My sister missed her flight :<

Thought this only happened in moviessss

She was supposed to take the plane at (Sunday) midnight and reach SG (Sunday) today morning.

Or so we thought..

But apparently the flight was scheduled on Saturday midnight and and she was supposed to arrive saturday morning ><

So basically my sister missed her flight.

Travelled all the way to the airport, about 4hr drive, only to find out that there was no such flight on sunday.

So now we booked another ticket for wednesday so she’d be here thursday morning 🙂