That girl

Imma tell yall a story bout a girl I just met.

Shit goes something like this

I saw her staring at the mirror

Wishing her life was clearer

But it all felt so foggy

A lil steamy and cloggy

She didn’t believe in herself

Cuz no one told her she could

And no one told her she should


Beauty isn’t all that

Don’t make yourself all matte

Cuz there’s really no such thing

As beauty being everyhting

But society told her otherwise

And also even the other guys

They want girls who are tall

Who can wear heels and not fall

Also a pretty face with big eyes

Long lashes and sharp noses

Who can strut and give em slutty poses

I wanna tell her it’s all lies

So that she can finally realise

How incredibly witty she is

How incredibly pretty she is

I walked forth to tell her

But she stopped turned and stared

Eyes red and welled up as if no one cared

She said life isn’t fair

And that no one did care


Next thing she said to me

Made me think twice of how i see

What kind of society are we

Why we cant just let them be

All these restriction

is starting to cause some friction

we can change eyes of society
Lets stop causin anxiety
Time for us to look at reality
Say ‘no more fatalities’

She hated how she was treated

Even sometimes how she was greeted

She wished she wasn’t born this way

And hated how she looked to this day


She said

I aint a pretty face

So I aint worthy

Tears rolling down her face

She said

I rest my case






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