But no. I told myself to stay away from them for 2 weeks. Comeon. I can do this!

Ok so it’s only been like 5 or 6 days. ONLY and I’m already craving for it.

I do have some kind of chocolate wafer thingy in the frigde  that tastes omfg delicious.SOGOOD. But. no. I didn’t have it. heh. yay me.

I remember on sat, i was like, i’mma get a footlong subway sandwich and gongcha to go with it. But something stopped me. hehe WILLPOWER.

ANYWAY. Today, i started off my morning with a nice toasted bread with peanut butter. I used to like my toast all burnt and crunchy as hell but now, i prefer it to have just a thin layer of crunch like, when you bite the bread, tis crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. UNF. Saw strawberries in the fridge so what the heck, i added em to my peanut butter sandwich. OMFG. it.was.so.good. Like i loved the slight crunch of the toast with the creamy peanutbutter and now with the addition of dem berries, SLIGHT sourness WHICH I LOVE.

I’m down for all things sour. I just love them. Can’t get enough of sourish things. hehe. So well. After lunch, i had another 2 slices of PB and S goodness and guess what, after dinner, I just had to have em. hahaha so i guess i ate a total of 6 slices of bread today. OH WELL IT WAS MMMHMMPHHMPHHH GOOOD.

K uh. Today was boring as hell though. Woke up at 11? Ate, went back to bed, watched friends, had lunch, went back to bed,watched more friends, helped mum clean up, back to bed. Oh god im such a sloth. 😥 I didnt even exercise today. I still feel kinda sore from last week. Hais.

Tomorrow is my dad’s birthday! Thinking of getting him a gym membership as his present 😛 Thank god he’s not a fool baby hahaahahha


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