I hate my body. I hate it.



It took me a FUCKING LONG time to finally feel confident about the way i look.



that one single comment just demolished everything.

Wanna know how i feel?

Well i feel like staying in bed under my blankets and never coming out.

Yaya to achieve whatever dream body shit you have to eat healthy excercise regularly yadayadayada I FUCKING KNOW ALL THAT SHIT OK.

Lost weight. But i’m just not happy with the way my body is. I feel my shoulders becoming broader, thighs becoming bigger and tummy is still there. UGH. I HATE MY FRAME,BODY,FACE everything 😥

Bitch please if you were to dare think that i’m only saying this to fish for compliments then just FUCK YOU LA. argh. People really do feel that way about themselves and it’s just sad.

I’m sad.




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