Wow just wow.

I’m not your ‘bro’ ok. So stop treating me like one. I do have feelings :< I wont ever forget what you said.ever. so pls be tactful. JUST BECAUSE I DON’T FUCKING SHOW IT OUT DOESNT MEAN IM DONT FEEL.

Words hurt. People seriously need to think before they say stuff. How dyou think you’d feel if i were to say the same crap to you?! HUH. ugh.

I have no idea why i am so affected by this. Hais.

Eh. You know what? maybe this is what i needed. Just when i thought i can be myself around you, you hurt me. K. Better get back to being reserved. idgaf if im overreacting.

____ __ ____ __ ____ fofml

oh and that’s not all. I’m a boring person too. Thanks.


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