Last week, for itp, had to get up at 5:30! hais. I have no idea how i used to wake up around that time during my secondary school days. Its like whoa how in the world did i get up at that time every single weekday and not be such a grumpy/whiny lil bitch.
Had to wake up super early cuz the school i had to go to was all the way an mf’ing tampines. That’s like the other end of singapore. Lessons starts at 8 so we have to be there by 7 to prepare the stuffs.

Day 1 and 2, we had the sec 1 kids. I liked them alot 🙂 It’s like, they’re kinda still primary school kids and not at their rebel stage yet. So it’s easy to communicate with them haha! Fun bunch!

Day 3 and 4, we had the sec 2 kids. Well they’re like nearing their rebel stage hahahah but funny shit. Most of them didnt pay attention to the lesson conducted and ended up all the step gangster kids all miss nimishaaaa help usss HAHAHA instructions were like clearly written on the board somemore. hahaha i rmb this group kept calling for me even though my supervisor was standing near them. hahaha damn funny. But the funniest of all was when this kid asked me if i was african/srilankan/eurasion/vietnamese. really. oh bangladesh also. really uh. ahahahaha like. i was shocked for a moment hahaha well he guessed in the end that i was indian ah. Nice bunch.

Weird thing about this school was that, it was poor, yes, but their bookshop looked so fucking nice. Looked nicer than popular sia. Instead of spending so much on the bookstore they could have bought new chairs for the kids. like seriously -.-




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