SCC sixies!!

Heh. Well this event happened like 2weeks ago ad I’m only blogging about it now. Hais. Sorry. I really wanted this to be a frequent thing.

Anyway, basically scc sixies is like a mini hockey competition? held at padang! haha had to go there by myself and since im so good at directions i totally got lost.hahah took the wrong exit i think. Managed to get there with the help of one of the members. yea basically its like 1/4 the size of a pitch and 5 v 5 i think. including the goalie. Competition lasted 2 days, sat and sun. On sat we had to play against 5 teams. sigh. I SUCKED. well. yeah. i was terrible even i knew it. But the girls kept encouraging me to do better :’) There were a LOT of ang mohs. ALOTTT <3_<3 and they all played so gooood. Girls and guys. They were pretty big uh. 5 of them can cover half the area ready. Anyway i thought the girls did a great job. If only i played up to their standard. I remember the games lasted for like 10 minutes? and after each  game we had like 2hr breaks. HAIS so basically i’d wear the pads, play for 10 minutes then remove them and lepak in the air-conditioned toilet and wear them again. 5 times. hahaha rmb it started to rain cats and dogs and i was so sure we were done for the day. BUT NOOOOO it had to go on hhahhah and then well, i bathed and left. hahaha

Sunday  was the same, just that we only had one game to see if we can make it pass the quater finals. But we lost. By a goal. Kinda unfair how the stupid umpire kept making stupid mistakes. i wont forget. hahahaha stupid la that fella. Anyway we put up a good fight. Was done by 11:30 i think. and we got pizzaaaaaaaa 😀 yea ate and left! 🙂


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