Training at 9. Was fucking hot. No joke. Best part, i was wearing the gear and i felt like i was melting. LIKE i pretty much perspired a pailful. Have been exercising since tuesday.. everysinglefuckingday. i didnt even realise it till today of course, cause my thighs ached like crap and my shoulders were sore.wait my whole body was kinda sore.

Anyway, it ended around 11:30 and i had to shower asap cause i had to go all the way to tamp.

Why tamp?

Well, so i bought this $50 hockey voucher from a friend for $30.My initial plan was to sell it off to the girls for $35. But me being me, i totally forgot about the damn voucher till last week. Thank god it only expires on the 31st march. Sent a msg on whatsapp to the girls but no one replied. Then i thought, hey, my shoes suck i need a new pair! Oh what do you know i have a $50 voucher 😛 Hahaha so yeah and apparently the shop is at tamp so yea.

Back to the story, showered and rushed to get a cab. Got a cab. BUT WAIT 5 minutes into the journey, i realised the uncle didn’t have the nets machine and so i asked. NO NETS UH GIRL CASH ONLY AH. i was like T_T shittttt. hahahaha thank god i had like 20 bucks from yest. He dropped me off at safra. Cab fare was 19.80 uh. THANK GOD. hahahhah reached in exactly 1/2hr.

Mind you I’ve never explored sg much. East is much of a mystery to me. Except for maybe pasir ris cause i have relatives there. heh. ANYWAY yea so i entered safra and i asked the help desk for the shop and they were like HUH no such shop eh. shit uh.hahahhah then i found my way out of safra and used my phone to search for the address. I was sure it was at st 94 sia. But end up st 92 ahahahaha yea so i walked and walked and walked. Ended up at somewhere in the tamp industrial area. HOMAIGOD that place is so creepyyyyy. Then i walked for a really long time to search for the shop and finally i went to the entrance of this building to ask the security guard for directions. nb he gave me the wrong direction sia. He said the shop is somewhere at the back of the building. I ended up taking one whole round around the tamp industrial park before reaching this building. Looked kinda like an old hdb building(creepy) so now i found the building! next step, to find out how to get to the second level. hhahahaah finallyfinallyfinally found my way to the shop ah. But wah my shock when i realised that the shop was like the size of my hall. yea kinda small. Didn’t have much choices for shoes. But well i showed them the voucher and they picked out a shoe for me 🙂 Was kinda happy with what they picked! Initially i thought i’d have to top up like at least $40 to buy a shoe. BUT the shoe they took for me was like $45 😀 HAPPY UH then still got $5 voucher left so i decided to get a ball 😉 AND I GOT A SHIMMERY BALL!! YAY happy uh like really happy.


Got the stuff, took a cab to tamp mrt and my treacherous journey to bb began. OH i sat next to this woman who was FUHHH SHE STANK MAN. LIKE REALLY BAD. My eyes burned in the initial 2 minutes of her sitting next to me. hais. since my journey damn long i wasnt gonna give up my seat uh. so i just tahan. After a while this guy sat beside me on the other side and he kept looking at my direction. guess he thought i was stanky one. well bitch plz. I literally whipped my hair from the other side to his so he knows it aint from me. haahahah guess he also tahan ah. That guy kept accidentally scratching me when he wants to fold his arms. -.- 2 times somemore. Sadly, the lady sat there throughout. All the way till JE. oh god. Even before je arrived i totally bolted from my seat to the door cause i really cannot take it ready.

hahahah so reached bb and i was hungry as fuck. LIKE i woke up at 7. Reached redhill at 8:45 and wanted to buy mr bean pancakes for breakfast but the damn shop was closed 😥 So i had no breakfast and no lunch cause i had to rush to tamp. I was like in the verge of fainting ready k. Went to WM to get the nosering i ordered but the ring was so fucking big i used it as earrings instead. Bought subway wrap and went home. Initially i wanted to by a footlong AND chocolate milk from GC.#LIKKAFATTY. Then i remembered that chocolate milk was a nono for the next two weeks so i gave that a miss. hehe glad i didnt buy it 🙂 The journey home seriously felt like it took forever. I felt like the walk was never ending. Maybe cause i was tired, sore, and hungry. whoa. hahahaha

Well that’s about it uh. Came home and went straight to lay in bed to watch OUAT and TVD. Fell asleep after that i guess.

Okay uh. i like so detailed ready this is enough hahahaha GOODNIGHT :*




She’s gorgeous.

She sings like a goddess

She has her own style

I like how she has a very old fashion feel to her. The way she sings, some say she sounds depressing, is so fucking unbelievable.It has a lot of soul and depth. I find myself floating of to another world. LIKE REALLY. The feeling I get when i listen to her songs is indescribable.

I remember the first time i listened to video games, i was blown away. LIKE WHOA. And i heard she made the video herself. Then i heard born to die. I didnt fancy that song immediately though. But after a while it stuck on.

I’ve heard her song just ride before and i really liked it. They played that song for spoby’s makeup scene in pll :’) AND THAT SONG WAS FUCKING PERFECT. PERFECT FOR THAT SCENE and i fell in love with lana all over again.

Goodbye sweet sugary goodness

Ok so here’s the deal. I’m gonna list down the things that I eat the most and that’s bad for me.

1. Cream Buns

2.Chocolate Milk from Gongcha(hais)

3.Cookies, biscuits



Ok. So what I’m gonna do is,completely stop having these items for the next two weeks. Why? Cause the less i eat the less i crave. Have been eating unusually large amounts of these food in the past month. So yeah. 2 weeks shouldnt be a problem. I hope not hahhaha so basically eliminating all the sugary stuff. uh huh. yeah.

Mum made laksa today. WHY?! Anyway i shall give it a try. But i aint gonna eat a whole bowl. I’d die from guilt.



I hate my body. I hate it.



It took me a FUCKING LONG time to finally feel confident about the way i look.



that one single comment just demolished everything.

Wanna know how i feel?

Well i feel like staying in bed under my blankets and never coming out.

Yaya to achieve whatever dream body shit you have to eat healthy excercise regularly yadayadayada I FUCKING KNOW ALL THAT SHIT OK.

Lost weight. But i’m just not happy with the way my body is. I feel my shoulders becoming broader, thighs becoming bigger and tummy is still there. UGH. I HATE MY FRAME,BODY,FACE everything 😥

Bitch please if you were to dare think that i’m only saying this to fish for compliments then just FUCK YOU LA. argh. People really do feel that way about themselves and it’s just sad.

I’m sad.




I hate the fact that i’m incapable of cheering someone up. It’s like i just cant do it. and when i try, i just make things awkward. hais ;(

How DO you cheer someone up? I never know what to say. Maybe i cant do it cause dont believe in saying things just for the sake of saying it. I mean come on, for eg if i did really badly for a subject and i know it’s bad and they know it’s bad and they’re still like, hey cheer up it’s still ok. Youknow what? NO IT’S NOT. Precisely.

I wouldnt wanna feed people with false statements just to cheer them up. NO. Its not good for them either. I wouldnt wanna be fed with bs just so i’ll cheer up. it actually makes me feel worse cause i have a bs filter in my head.



Wow just wow.

I’m not your ‘bro’ ok. So stop treating me like one. I do have feelings :< I wont ever forget what you said.ever. so pls be tactful. JUST BECAUSE I DON’T FUCKING SHOW IT OUT DOESNT MEAN IM DONT FEEL.

Words hurt. People seriously need to think before they say stuff. How dyou think you’d feel if i were to say the same crap to you?! HUH. ugh.

I have no idea why i am so affected by this. Hais.

Eh. You know what? maybe this is what i needed. Just when i thought i can be myself around you, you hurt me. K. Better get back to being reserved. idgaf if im overreacting.

____ __ ____ __ ____ fofml

oh and that’s not all. I’m a boring person too. Thanks.

King of the savannah


I have no idea. Whenever people ask me what’s my fav colour, animal, whatever, i just can’t pick a fav. I JUST CANT. well maybe for flavours, chocolate is a clear winner. Moving on, favourite always changes.

So today i saw my desktop wall paper looking alll dull and shit( cause i just had it repaired and now everything’s default) I wanted to put my previous wallpaper, which was of pride rock! i love the lion king it’s like one of my fav childhood cartoons. hmmm nope.It’s my fav. yeah. and anyway, i started looking at pictures of lion king and then started looking at lions, cougar,cheetahs basically all the big cats.and something really reeled me in. AND TADAA. lion is my favourite animal. k.

One of the reasons why i dont like to share my blog add is cuz of weird posts like these. hehe