So this is how my day went,

Woke up at 10, showered and got ready to meet Akila and guess what happens after i got ready, my dad was like, lets go to ____ house to have lunch! (Mum went to india to settle stuff and since my dad and i are master chefs, we make awesome food at home. NOT). I don’t really fancy their family but i do appreciate them trying to feed us hahahhahah initially when my dad said that i was pissed( but no i didnt show it out). I told him that akila was goin to come over and that’s why i cant go. He seemed alright with it. Haha then i tried to call that girl to see if she was ready or somthing but she didnt reply sia hahahha so in the end i decided to go have lunch with _____ and my dad and meet her later πŸ™‚ WE TOOK HIS BIKE πŸ™‚ I love my dads bike πŸ™‚ like cool only. hahah but seriously i feel worried. My dad’s like 55. He shouldn’t be riding a bike. It’s too dangerous :'<

Anyway ____ made some kind of briyani. Fish? Shark? i dunno hahaha was good! Though nothing can beat moms cooking πŸ˜› haha Moms food is THE BESTTT. We all feel that way because we grew up eating their food. We grew up with their specific style of cooking and thats why we always feel like moms are the best chefs πŸ™‚ Yea…. anyway, after lunch _____ offered me some ice cream to which i politely declined. Then after like 10 minutes dad felt sleepy so we left. He dropped me off at akila’s block.

Kil wanted to buy some jeggings and her mom mentioned about a sale at bukit timah plaza or smthg. So we went there and damn the place was like so deserted. ok no. Most of the shops were closed. Opened shops were mostly like maid agencys -.- So we just left ah. We took a bus and stopped at another stop cuz i kinda mentioned that there were good waffles and so kil wanted some so we just got off the bus hahha. K then she bought a peanut butter waffle( chocolatewaffle ftw i honestly cant even imagine eating another flavour) the aunty took forever soshe payed and i asked her to bring me to the shop where she bought all those pretty cupcake stuff haha then after, we went to 7-11 and got donut balls AND omg and, hahahhaha so kil wanted that combo you know, the one wiht the crackers and gulp? yeaaa so she took the crakers passed it to me and was about to fill up her gulp when something happened and the crakers like felll on the floor…. like all over the floor. whoopsies. the cashier was like arranging stuff and it was rainin crackers for her. haha we were so clueless ah we had no idea what the protocol was for dropping stuff and we felt really guilty so we picked em all up. The cashier near us told us that we can get a new one but we have to pay for both but i think the second cashier was like unaware of it and just made us pay for the one combo heheh. Yea. So after that, we collected the waffle and decided to walk all the way to my house instead of taking the bus. We walked and walked and were stuffing ourselfs with the junk we bought. SERIOUSLY i should have just taken the ice cream ____ offered haha who knew i was gonna eat all this junk. We walked past our primary school and it really brought back really good memories :’) haha then we sat at aΒ  busstop and took polaroidsss.

This one’s my fav


Reached home and decided to have a PLL marathon! She stopped at the recent halloween ep. but there was a change of plan and we decided to watch ANTM british invasion.


Oh and i just watched Kingsleys 200th video :’)Β  nawwwww he da best youtuber i swear. Those who dont get his jokes clearly dont have a great sense of humour. IMO.






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